Line up at the gate to buy a ticket, and I might just let you in
Today the price of your admission’s not worth a noble cent
Flush the coffers for the tag lines torn apart inch by inch
Didn’t you know that living on a fault line tends to have its risks

(So how? Tell me now!)
How has your fortune been found?
(And I, yes I)
So glad and glamorous and proud
(Burn it down! Burn it down! )
I let my broken house burn down
(Run now! Skip town!)
Took a midnight train and bowed out

A sleight of hand, a bullet-dodging
Ears ringing, my heart is throbbing
A new illusion to perfect
Back away and take the shot
Percussive beats inside this chest
Remind me why I made this mess
This is a simple threat
Back away and take the shot

So what’s the cost of living on this violent edge?
Bending like a branch in a willing wind
I can’t see through your violet scope
No realities make sense enough to make it so

You stepped into the room wearing a subtle shade, it suits you
The light, it kissed your placid face the way I know I used to
The devil drew his gun and taught you where to point it, didn’t he?
Double down and place your bets before you end up dead

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We're The Arrogant Afterglow.

We're American. We make Rock & Roll.

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Loredana Ribera

Loredana Ribera

Nathaniel Sokoll-Ward

Nathaniel Sokoll-Ward


It all started with a craigslist ad...

60 Craigslist ads to be exact. 


Nathaniel had left his life behind as a Silicon Valley startup founder. After three years heads-down working on his startup, he was ready to focus on music again. He wound up in Brooklyn where he spent the final months of 2017 holed up in a Crown Heights apartment recording instrumental demos and posting them to Soundcloud. With a solidifying sonic identity, he began searching for a vocalist who wanted to embark on something new: an asynchronous Rock & Roll band. Nathaniel had plans to spend the next year traveling the world and wanted to write and record music with a band member who might be thousands of miles away — each person working independently, picking up a song where the other had left off.


Nathaniel posted Craigslist ads to 60 music hubs around the world looking for a vocalist to team up with. Hundreds of responses and a handful of dick-pics later, he connected with Loredana on the Seattle Craigslist. Aside from being a kick-ass singer, Loredana was an experienced multi-instrumentalist and accomplished producer. 


Loredana and Nathaniel began writing music together as The Arrogant Afterglow in early 2018. The first single, Admission, dropped on September 14, 2018. Their debut EP ships late 2018.

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Stuff we like


  • 1984
  • As I Lay Dying
  • Blood Meridian
  • The Brothers Karamazov
  • Daily Rituals
  • Darkness At Noon
  • Democracy in America
  • If This Is A Man
  • The Sound And The Fury
  • To Kill A Mockingbird
  • Under The Volcano


  • AFI
  • Artifex Pereo
  • Awake
  • Attack On Memory
  • Content Nausea
  • The Dear Hunter
  • Gish
  • Metric
  • Nico Vega
  • Say Yes To Love
  • Silence Yourself
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